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Feel free to download and share these with your friends if they are available for free. If they're not free, it's because I don't own the rights. Due to laziness, the stories are generally in reverse chronological order, with the newer pieces at the bottom.

Dead End
This Anthony Award-nominated short story is the prequel to my novella Psycho Logic. 
Download a free PDF of Dead End.

Johno Beltran is a former homicide detective who fell from grace when a stupid mistake allowed a rich, sadistic sex killer to go free. When the notorious murderer drives into the restaurant parking lot where Johno now works as a valet, their reunion leads Johno down a dark, twisty road toward a deadly collision between paranoia and reality. A short story.

Heavy Debt
Derringer Award nominee
From Akashic Books' Mondays are Murder series comes this short slice of Micronesian noir.

The Western Pacific island of Yap is hardly the place you'd expect cold-blooded murder, but when ancient coins are made of stone and can weigh hundreds of pounds, debt can easily tip the scales of reason and morality.

Liar's Poker
Cover story in Spinetingler Magazine, May 2017

A New Orleans detective helps a Creole belle cope with her addled emotions after she shoots her husband dead.

Pongo's Lucky Day
Free in Plan-B Magazine

Mediocre competitive snowboarder and general loser Pongo Smith finds a gift that keeps on giving, but he gets a lot more than he bargained for. 



Honeymoon Sweet
Macavity Award Winner
and Anthony Award Nominee
Bouchercon is the world's largest mystery convention. In 2014, its prestigious anthology was edited by Dana Cameron and featured stories by authors both famous and new.

Newlyweds break into a Malibu beach house for a honeymoon that strains their love in ways they never dreamed of. 

Beyond the Veil
Dead Guns Press brings you Dames and Sin, the third anthology in their Hardboiled series

An accidental murder leads a would-be bride on a noir, funhouse-mirror journey where even death ain't what it's cracked up to be.

Race to Judgment
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine 
Reader's Choice finalist 
Nov-Dec 2018
Derringer Award nominee
Flash and Bang mystery anthology, Spring 2016

You never know what might come up in therapy, but if this woman's past is any indication, the future looks noir.

Mississippi politics, family politics, talk radio and pracitcal jokes cause a murder coverup to spin out of control.

Head Over Heels cover.jpg
Head Over Heels
A process server falls head over heals for a client when she serves a restraining order to the client's ex-lover. Little does she know that her life is about to be turned head over heels
As Ye Sow
An Internet mail order bride business spawns a twisted tale of love, betrayal and murder.

This noir romantic suspense was first published in Passport to Murder, the 2017 Bouchercon anthology (Down and Out Books).

This noir romantic suspense was first published in Murder-A-Go-Go's: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Music of The Go-Go's (Down and Out Books, 2019).

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